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December 13, 2012
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not anymore by PKD123 not anymore by PKD123
please use your own imagination to decide their dialogues~ skipping to panel 5 because i can#SLAP

sapph: there he is!
ruby: emerald!
sapph: what in arceus are you doing?? ya shouldn't be out here so late rald!
ruby: and with such a thin clothing, you'll catch a cold. here.
rald: but... ruby... your scarf....
ruby: nah, don't worry about me
sapph: duh! ya already wear 3 layers of clothes!
ruby: i'm not like some wild girl who can withstand the cold:T
sapph: =3=
what are we still standing here for? let's head back to professor oak's place!
ruby: yeah, we can make cocoas=w=
sapph: rald! you coming???
rald: okay!

they're in pallet
doing stuff for birch
rald thought crys is there
but she's with her team
so poof
should've thought things through...
i'm sorry but the whole thing is just.. ukh...
i'm sorry...

silver's scarf was from kotone. and the ship name. just. blacksoul. how epic is that#SLAP
i will never detail again for as long as i live#SLAP
wordless comics are just so fun to make you guuuuys#SLAP
planned on something animeish but apparently, art block so bear with me#SLAP

since this is the holiday season...
i'd just wanna say...

thank you
to all of you
to every single one of you who i've made contact with for the past years
for all your supports to my doujin, drawings
and most of all, for to my dearest children

all your comments
from the simplest "i love it!" or "hey" or "check this out:D"
to the huge ones
just to simply know that you see me
and also the wonderful and needed critiques
also every single fave

and to all you readers of start again
i'd never made it this far without all of you guys
the girl who doesn't even like the ship but reads it anyway, even tho she hates one of the character
the girl who doesn't even support the ship but made an exception, my first watcher, the first person to say to me hello, and one of my biggest idol

every gift you people spend time making for me, even the little cameos or sketch or anything, even from those i don't know or close to
seriously, i have them all downloaded and printed and hanged in my room
to the girl who gave me an actual letter last year, i still hang it on my notice board;v; ya should've given me yer address;v;

to all my commissioners as well, not just for comming me , but still, i appreciate them, like, a lot;v; especially when some of you tell me to raise my prizes;v;
thanks for spending your points on my work;v;
and some of the things you people came up with turned out adorable just, wow

to all my watchers and friends
old and new
even if you don't watch or consider me a friend anymore
i love you guys

to those who like/love my babies
i don't know how to thank you all
i give you my deepest gratitude, as a creator, as a mother
for having an interest in them
you don't know how happy it makes me

tho those people who i share the joys of my fandom, spe and anime, and non pokemon ones, i thank you, for listening to my babble, and for just being crazed fangirls/boys with you

to you who created those wonderful patterns, brush, stock and tutorials
i give you my thanks, even if you won't see this

to my juniors at school, just, let me hug the life out of you guys, thanks for supporting me, and noticing me at the library hiks i'm real touched you have no idea

to the people who's art and talent i envy to the point of depression
you gave me a goal to strive for
keep being awesome, even tho you won't see this

the laughters i shared with all of you
especially to my closest friends
and i'm sorry for everything i've done
and for putting up with my shit all this time

heck, even to those of you who stole my drawings~
ya stole em cause you think they're good right?
thanks for thinking so
tho they way you did it is not okay~

i'm thankful to meet you
all of you
even tho most i've never talked to or know a single bit or see the faces of
i'm glad to be here
to share my love with you
to let my sadness and happiness flow out

thank you

oh wow that was long ._.
happy holidays~

so much cheese in this....
curse these hands to not be able to make fucking circles...


#runs away

charas (c) pokespe
art (c) me

also for #Pokemon-Special-Club's winter contest>>>>
Winter Contest Officially Open~! (Updated)
Update 12/05/2012: Whoa, we got a surge of entries at once just today. Awesome ;u; Due to the huge amount of participation, I will make a third place since a lot of people thought I should. (:
Hey, guys! The results have been decided. I was going to keep the voting open until midnight, but I have this huge project that got in the way. No matter, the results had a significant difference, so here are the outcomes: Celebrating New Years with 3 votes Christmas myths with 4 votes Christmas in general with 4 votes Generally holiday spirit with 7 votes And any winter theme with 21 votes. As you can see, the winning result was pretty obvious. ^-^ Anywho, here are the standards: - You must draw the dex holders (at least one) in a winter setting. Adding in minor characters is fine. - Literature isn't accepted for this contest, but will be in the future, I'm sorry, writers D; - Must be made entirely by you. - You must be a member of the club. - Please ref

you only said winter setting:3
also for 100 themes challenge, theme 35, hold my hand
in reality,
i was never alone
i just need someone
to hold my hand
and say to me
"i'm right here
i'm always here"

you may kill me now
what is talent and where can i download one
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PrismaticMemories Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
Okay so, it starts out depressing aw
I like how you drew Emerald with his hair down.
Anf then GSC TRIO~~ ((btw that scarf is lovely Silver, treat Soul well//shot)) dem jackets jackets jackets jackets <3 espeically Silver's <3
Emerald's kind of lopsided in the next two panels btw
and then he walks away ack OTL
and then! Sapphire and Ruby YAY! I love Ruby's clothes btw
my favorite panel is where Rubyis bending down and Sapphire has this lecture pose
btw, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the diffiecen between May and Sapphire was that Sapphire has a ponytail?
The whole wordless comic is beautiful :T Emerald being sad that Crystal's moved on to the pms duo but Ruby and Sapphire brings him out of his despair before he falls too deep. And in that last panel you can see how he realizes he has his own two best friends too.
Beautiful :T <3
to the point where I wanna write about it owo
can I can I can I owo?
PKD123 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist


i don't like his croissant hair//shot
hair down gives aall the more depression//SHOT

uhoooo thank owo/


HURRAY \owo/

not the only thing tho, sapph has her fangs kinda shown when may has her teeth like regular people//shot. and i believe sapph is taller than here, i compared em once but idk where it's at anymore._. also sapph's hair is more earth brown than may, and her eyes are lighter in shade, also she's more lean, muscular, etc from all the stuff (i did not put that in akh) and her skin is rougher and darker than may (again, did not otl)

i love wordless comics, this is why<3//shot

paintsplatter166 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
Aww! So cute! ^u^
PKD123 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thank youuu owo/
paintsplatter166 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
Of course! :D
griffinboy775 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student Writer
Emerald: ... 
Rald: ...
Rald: ... v.v
Crystal, Gold and Silver: -laughing joyously-
Rald: ... -cries silently-
Rald: ...
Rald: ...
Sapphire: Emerald! 
Ruby: Hey Little guy!!
Emerald: v.v ...
Ruby: Emerald, you can't be out here like this! It's too cold for a guy like you...
Sapph:  And Besides, Crystal has been looking for you everywhere!
Rald: She.... She has?
Ruby: Yeah! C'mon, bud. We'll take you home... Right, Sapph?
Sapph: Yeah! Come on, kiddo!
Rald: ... Okay...
Ruby and Sapph: -can be heard arguing distantly in the back ground-
Ruby: -calling back to Emerald- You coming, Eme?
Rald: -smiles- Yeah. I'm coming.
Rald: -catches up to Ruby and Sapph, gigging lightly-

PKD123 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
//lay down
//try not to cry
//cry a lot
griffinboy775 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Student Writer
Vinyl8 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rald- Huh?

Saph- Hey! whatcha doing!?

Ruby- Who is this kid?

Saph- I dunno. Wanna kidnap him and make him our kid?

Ruby- Omg yes! Here take my scarf and junk.

Rald- Kay?
PKD123 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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